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Kingsford | Lets Massage


Meeks Oriental Thai Massage is a peaceful place for massage lovers and a peaceful place for physical, mental and spiritual renewal ideally situated in the heart of Kingsford and surrounded by many tasty Asian restaurants, University of NSW and handy packing behind. We are truly and oasis of tranquillity in the centre of Kingsford.

We provide single or couple rooms available after treatment by Meeks friendly therapists. Guests will feel relaxed in mind and body balanced and re-energised that’s our promise.

Face book: Meeks Oriental Thai Massage

Phone number: 02-9662 3328

Address: 10 Meeks St. Kingsford Sydney NSW



Traditional Thai Massage$59 / 60mins$95 / 90mins$115 / 120mins
Aromatherapy Oil Massage$85 / 60mins$115 / 90mins$145 / 120mins
Deep Tissue Oil Massage$95 / 60mins$125 / 90mins$155 / 120mins
Thai Oil Massage$69 / 60mins$109 / 90mins$149 / 120mins
Thai Deep Tissue Massage$65 / 60mins$105 / 90mins$135 / 120mins
Head and Back Relaxing Massage$39 / 30mins$49 / 45mins
Foot Reflexology Massage$39 / 30mins$49 / 45mins$59 / 60mins
Hot Stone Massage$99 / 60mins$109 / 90mins
Baby Moon Massage$85 / 60mins$105 / 90mins
Body Bliss 4-Handed Massage$125 / 45mins$215 / 60mins

Silver Package

Foot Massage + Aromatherapy Oil Massage $80 / 60mins $100 / 90mins

Golden Package

Foot Massage + Deep Tissue Oil Massage$85 / 60mins$110 / 90mins

Couple Silver Package

Foot Massage + Aromatherapy Oil Massage$205 / 90mins$285 / 120mins

Couple Golden Package

Foot Massage + Deep Tissue Massage$215 / 90mins$295 / 120mins




  • 02 9662 3328

  • 10 Meeks St. Kingsford Sydney

  • 10:00am to 9:00pm