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Style","url":"http:\/\/letsmassage.com.au","home":"http:\/\/letsmassage.com.au","namespaces":["oembed\/1.0","akismet\/v1","wordfence\/v1"],"authentication":[],"routes":{"\/":{"namespace":"","methods":["GET"],"endpoints":[{"methods":["GET"],"args":{"context":{"required":false,"default":"view"}}}],"_links":{"self":"http:\/\/letsmassage.com.au\/wp-json\/"}},"\/oembed\/1.0":{"namespace":"oembed\/1.0","methods":["GET"],"endpoints":[{"methods":["GET"],"args":{"namespace":{"required":false,"default":"oembed\/1.0"},"context":{"required":false,"default":"view"}}}],"_links":{"self":"http:\/\/letsmassage.com.au\/wp-json\/oembed\/1.0"}},"\/oembed\/1.0\/embed":{"namespace":"oembed\/1.0","methods":["GET"],"endpoints":[{"methods":["GET"],"args":{"url":{"required":true},"format":{"required":false,"default":"json"},"maxwidth":{"required":false,"default":600}}}],"_links":{"self":"http:\/\/letsmassage.com.au\/wp-json\/oembed\/1.0\/embed"}},"\/akismet\/v1":{"namespace":"akismet\/v1","methods":["GET"],"endpoints":[{"methods":["GET"],"args":{"namespace":{"required":false,"default":"akismet\/v1"},"context":{"required":false,"default":"view"}}}],"_links":{"self":"http:\/\/letsmassage.com.au\/wp-json\/akismet\/v1"}},"\/akismet\/v1\/key":{"namespace":"akismet\/v1","methods":["GET","POST","PUT","PATCH","DELETE"],"endpoints":[{"methods":["GET"],"args":[]},{"methods":["POST","PUT","PATCH"],"args":{"key":{"required":true,"description":"A 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